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Once cartoonist Pran struck upon an idea of a wise oldman who solves problems with his sharp intellect. Thus CHACHA CHAUDHARY was born in 1971.


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Chacha Chaudhary is an extremely popular Indian comic book character created by the late cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma. His comics have been published in ten Indian languages, including Hindi and English, and have sold millions of copies. It is undoubtedly the best-selling comic book in India. The TV serial based on "Chacha Choudhary" aired more than 600 episodes on a major channel starring actor Raghuveer Yadav.


"Chacha Chaudhary" originated from the Hindi magazine Lotpot published in 1971. It soon gained immense popularity among children and mature audiences. Following a press release from Diamond Comics, he was recognized as one of the most popular comic book characters by a group of Indian children aged 10 to 13 years.


"Uncle Chaudhry" is portrayed as a typical middle-class Indian, albeit a lean, elderly man of great intellect. While in English it is often referred to as Mama Mama, in Indian social notions the term "Chaudhry" refers to a large landowner or highly respected person in a village or town. Uncle Chaudhry is often seen wearing a red turban, a wooden staff, wristbands with pockets on either side, and a pocket watch. In some early comics, he appeared in a traditional dhoti and kurta, which was later shown wearing trousers and a shirt in the context of a modern setting. In the introduction to the family, he is shown with his wife Benny (cousin), a loyal and simple dog named Rocket, Sabu, the old resident of Jupiter, and Uncle Chaudhry is often seen eating watermelon in his heart, but the mango his Weakness is his special but... Whenever his wife gets annoyed with him at home Sm then he would go for a walk with Sabu or Rocket. Every time he removes his turban, he goes completely bald.

Everyone in town knows that Uncle Chaudhry never closes the door of his house whenever he goes out with his family; But to date, no one has managed to break into his house. However, in some stories, the aunt (her paternal grandmother) appears in the house with earrings. After a while, if the scalp or nose starts to itch, keep in mind that something unpleasant is happening in their home. In his youth, Chacha Chaudhry is mentioned as a professional boxer who was considered foilable due to his unique tactics and skillful boxing.


When asked about the inspiration for the serial, Pran Sahib said that every family has a wise elder brother. He solves their problems in his common sense, but with humor. And this joke is the basis of the cartoons I make.”

In general, Uncle Chowdhury isn't shown to have a strong physique like other comic book superheroes, nor is he ever seen using superpowers or modern gadgets, instead his "mind is sharper or faster than any super-computer" (which Uncle Chaudhry) is said to have a brain that works faster than a computer!) is described, and he carries a wooden stick, which he uses to beat the impure villain in times of trouble.

Like Chacha Chaudhry's characters, Pran Saheb places the other characters in middle-class families of Indian suburbia in the seventies and '80s. Their villains are often people in the corrupt government machinery, thieves, roadside crooks, swindlers, thugs, swindlers and... local gangsters. He not only fights them but helps the general public, teaching them moral lessons and good behavior. Most criminals suffer from these at the end of many incidents. Like ordinary middle-class people, they have to contend with everyday problems. But even in this case, Pran Saheb would solve their problems in an instant and send them away with a happy face like shining eyes or a smile.

The supporting characters:-

Sabu is an alien who lives on the distant planet Jupiter. He is the uncle's most trusted companion, only showing his strength when the time is right. It has a very large and strong body, reportedly over 15 meters tall. But there’s always shaky logic to his surprise appearance in most comic series. However, in some of the comics, his height was reduced more than usual. For example, some stories describe Uncle Chowdhury (somewhat like Aladdin) rubbing against a lamp. He is usually seen wearing only wrestling trunks, earrings, and gum boots. However, some of the later comics also show him wearing casual green pajamas. When Sabu leaves the earth and falls in love with delicious dishes like parathas and halwa prepared by his uncle, he decides to stay on earth with his uncle for the rest of his life. Dabbu, who is also Sabu's twin brother, introduces Sabu to those monsters. , who is -Like the earrings her mother Jupiter gave her.

Whenever Sabu gets angry, a volcano erupts in the distance, a volcano erupts!"). Didn't even get married and always kept a distance about it.

Unlike Mama, Sabu is neither very intelligent, nor very knowledgeable, nor clever, but he relies heavily on his physical strength. However, as a vigilante he is extremely agile and has shown his incredible strength and lightning speed several times to save his uncle's life, often jumping in at the last moment when they were about to attack the bad guys. First. Kill him off. In some of the escape stories, Sabu sometimes did something sensible like his uncle (like returning an escaped prisoner to prison or throwing his big umbrella to save people from drowning.). Saba's greatest enemy to date is "Raka", his equal in stature and strength, who in his haste to escape from the police accidentally drinks a special Ayurvedic extract laced with poison and becomes immortal.

Aunt (Binny):-

Uncle Chaudhry’s wife, Bini, is a wealthy housewife, the woman who rules her household, using her homemade roller (a wooden tool for rolling bread) to keep thieves and basketball players away. Hindi film stars of the 1970s. Although she is known for her short temper despite her gentle heart, she is also a very caring woman who often complains to her uncle about not getting a gold bracelet which takes her nowhere, spending most of her time in Sabu, They spend 9 years together. Despite cooking a lot for Sabu, she took care of him like a mother. A comedian shows her a spoon in a large pot to make Sabu, which she then serves more lovingly than her aunt.

One of the comics tells the story of Aunt Benny and how she lived in her time. IShewas once an Indian film actress, and after saving her life from some criminals, she decided to marry her uncle Chaudhry who threatened to rob her of her jewellery.

Chhaju Choudhary:-

Many characters in the comic are unaware that Chacha Chowdhury has a twin brother Chhajju Chowdhury, but he is not as virtuous as Chacha. In many stories, he used it as a secret weapon against the unscrupulous and the bad guys. At one time, the people of Mangal considered him as Chacha Choudhary.

Rockets (missiles):-

Rocket is his pet dog. He found them as stray dogs and his uncle sheltered them, although his wife was very angry with him, but fed them soap and gave them a handful of food but later he broke into the house and attacked a thief who adopted them. le. This is how the name "rocket" was coined. As for the CockComics Rocket Dog feature, it just says "Uncle Chowdhury drinks slurp slurp milk" or that he's the only dog in the whole world that's vegan. Rocket has proven itself many times when asked to attack enemies.

Sound Guru:-

A young, orphaned, unemployed boy who considers his uncle his mentor. He may not be as tall as Sabu, but his short stature and the techniques his uncle taught him will save him a lot of problems. On their journey to the African Congo, however, this smallness becomes a problem that Chacha and Sabu barely manage to avoid.


Once cartoonist Pran struck upon the idea of a wise old man who solves problems with his sharp intellect. Thus CHACHA CHAUDHARY was born in 1971.