Chethana Ramatheertha wife of Anil Kumble

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Chethana Ramatheertha is a strong and versatile woman. Though Chethana Ramatheertha faced challenges in her first marriage.

Cethana Ramatheertha - Age biography and interesting facts

Anil Kumble's wife's name is Chethana Ramatheertha, and she is a homemaker with a postgraduate degree in English literature. She married Anil on July 1, 1999. Kumble met his wife at Trans-Oceanic Travels, where Chethana had previously worked. She was already married at the time, but she lived separately from her husband. Then, in 1999, she divorced her first husband and married Anil. 

All About Chethana Ramatheertha

Chethana Ramatheertha, born and raised in Bengaluru, India, is well-known as the wife of great cricketer Anil Kumble. Her story began on July 18, 1968, when she was born in the dynamic city where she still lives. chethana ramatheertha age is 55 Years .Chethana is an Indian who practices Hinduism. Her height is 160 cm tall and weighs 70 kg. She has a deep black color eye and shiny black hair. She currently resides in Bengaluru.

Chethana Ramatheertha's First Marriage

Chethana Ramatheertha got married in 1986 to Kumar V. Jahgirdar. He runs a stockbroking firm named Kumar Jahgirdar Securities Private Limited in Bengaluru. They had a daughter named Aaruni on December 7, 1994. About two years later, Chethana started working at Trans-Oceanic Travels. Chethana Ramatheertha was unhappy with her married life. The couple got a mutual divorce, and she married Kumble on July 1 the following year. 

How Anil Kumble supported Chethana Ramatheertha in her legal fight for the custody of her daughter

When Chethana Ramatheertha and Anil Kumble spent a lot of time together, Chethana also thought about leaving her marriage. In 1998, she officially divorced her first husband after a complicated legal process. But that wasn't the end of Chethana Ramatheertha's struggles. Her first husband took her to court to try to get custody of their daughter, Aaruni. It was a difficult time for Chethana, as she had to fight to keep her daughter. However, Anil Kumble stood by her side, supporting and fighting for her. After a challenging battle, Chethana finally won custody of Aaruni through the court. 

How Chethana Ramatheertha won her daughter's custody

Following her divorce from her first husband in 1998, Chethana married Anil Kumble the following year. However, when she left the nation with Kumble, Aaruni remained in the custody of her ex-husband. When Chethana returned, she requested custody of Aaruni, but the family court denied her initial requests in August 1999. However, she filed an appeal with the Karnataka High Court, which gave her temporary custody of Aaruni for a year. However, her ex-spouse later appealed, and the judgment was changed.

In a subsequent revision petition, the High Court ordered that Aaruni be placed in her mother's custody for a term of one year. However, her previous spouse appealed this ruling, creating a legal struggle that eventually reached the Supreme Court. In April of last year, the Supreme Court granted Chethana custody of Aaruni pending final rulings, while her former husband was granted visitation privileges. In its ultimate decision, the Supreme Court granted Chethana complete legal custody, emphasizing Anil Kumble's commitment to safeguarding Aaruni's safety. The court acknowledged Kumble's promise to extend love and cooperation to both Chethana and her former husband for Aaruni's upbringing.

Chethana Ramatheertha accepted the marriage proposal of Anil Kumble

After going through a divorce and a tough custody battle, Anil Kumble opened up to Chethana Ramatheertha about his feelings and expressed his desire to have her in his life. Despite their strong bond and chemistry, Chethana was still healing from her previous marriage. After several heartfelt conversations, Chethana decided to take a chance and accepted Kumble's proposal for marriage.


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Anil Kumble and Chethana Ramatheertha's children

In July 1999, Anil Kumble and Chethana Ramatheertha tied the knot. Anil also became the legal parent of Chethana's daughter, Aaruni, giving her his last name. They later welcomed two more children into their family, a son named Mayas and a daughter named Svasti. Despite Anil's fame as a cricketer, he chooses to keep a low profile, prioritizing his private life with his wife and kids over media attention.


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Wrapping it up

Chethana Ramatheertha is a strong and versatile woman. However, Chethana Ramatheertha faced challenges in her first marriage. She navigated through her difficulties with the help of Anil Kumble. Their union brought them together and extended to the encouragement of a loving family.