Exploring And Enjoy the Beauty Of Fort Kailasgad

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There are many attractions in the surrounding areas of Kailasgad Fort, including breathtaking rock formations and other historical places.

Take a Break and Enjoy the Beauty of Fort Kailasgad

Fort Kailasgad, a tribute to the rich history and architectural brilliance, is hidden deep in the middle of the Sahyadriya Mountains (Western Ghats) in Maharashtra. At 1100 meters in height, the fort is surrounded by Mulashi Dam's backwaters. 

The Kailasgad fort has few ruins and the caved cisterns suggest that it dates back to the Saatvahan period. You can find one shivling and one tiny wall in the fort. Tall grasses, Persian velvet, and a variety of orchids can be found growing on the top of the mountain. During monsoon season, the short hike, lasting approximately one hour, can be very fascinating. 


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#History Of Fort Kailasgad

In the early centuries, when dynasties rose and fell and left their marks on the region, is when the story of Kailasgad Fort started. Built by a powerful monarch whose name will live hidden in history, the fort's primary purpose was to protect the area from invasions by acting as a stronghold. After countless conflicts and sieges, Kailasgad Fort evolved into an essential element in the vast regional political chess game over the ages.

From secret overnight sieges to significant alliances formed in its courtyards, the fort's walls have witnessed a number of significant events in history. These legends, though partly forgotten by time, are still enshrined in Kailasgad's rocks. 

Kailasgad Fort's Geography

With the most breathtaking waterfalls nearby, the Kailasgad Fort is even more picturesque during the rainy season. Vaduste village is the base settlement of the fort. Trekkers have a 360-degree view of the backwater that borders the fort from the top of the fort. 

The backside of the Mulshi dam is easily visible from the top of the hill. A saffron flag is attached to a plateau on the right side. The softness of the granite prevented the completion of a carving of water tanks. There is a stone Shivling cut into a wall just in front of the fort's edge.

The Visiting Experience of Kailasgad Fort 

It's common for visitors to Fort Kailasgad to have conversations about feeling as though they are walking in the remains of a past civilization. From the splendour of its heyday to the slow slide into darkness, every corner of the structure tells a story. There are plenty of places at the fort to take pictures, practice meditation and just take in the views that haven't changed in centuries.

Kailasgad Fort has been the focus of continuous preservation efforts, with an emphasis on preserving its originality while allowing public access. With these efforts, the fort is guaranteed to serve as a source of inspiration and information for years to come. 

 A Trek to Kailasgad Fort 

It's an adventure to go to Kailasgad Fort. There are various routes to take, making it attractive to both experienced hikers and casual tourists for its combination of beauty and challenge. The trip is best experienced with plans that take into account the challenging terrain and weather. The cooler months offer the most breathtaking views and a rich, green landscape.

With panoramic views, wildlife peeping through the vegetation, and a sense of unspoiled nature, the trek reveals the Sahyadri Mountains' natural beauty. The experience connects the visitor not only to the fort's past but also to the very essence of the region. 


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Exploring the Surrounding Area

There are many attractions in the surrounding areas of Kailasgad Fort, including breathtaking rock formations and other historical places that are waiting to be discovered. The food in the local villages is mouthwatering, and the warmth of the welcome offers an insight into the customs and culture of the area.

A complete guide to exploring the surrounding region is provided for those wishing to extend their vacation, with suggestions for lodging, cultural events, and local cuisine. 


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#How to Reach Kailasgad Fort 

Here are the ways to reach Kailasgad Fort:

1. 100-kilometer Pune-Lonavala Road

Travel to Vandre village and then to Vaduste village by taking the Pune-Ambavane route. The base village of the fort is located 5-7 km distant from these villages.

2. 85-kilometer Pune-Tamhini Road

Travel from Pune in the direction of Tamhini Ghat, then turn right and head toward Pimpri village. Hikers can travel through Vandre Village to Vaduste Village from this location.

Buses are available from Lonavala to get to the fort's base village. If traveling from Mumbai, one can reach Lonavala by bus. 

Final thoughts

Kailasgad Fort is a trip through time that provides feelings on the present and insights into the past, and it is much more than just a historical place. Its preservation allows every visitor to become a part of its history, and is evidence of the significance of preserving the cultural legacy.

Everyone is welcome to take the Kailasgad Fort trek, where one can delve into its many secret corners and find the rich history and natural beauty it has to offer.