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Shaitan is a 2024 Indian supernatural horror film directed by Vikas Bahl and produced by Devgn Films.

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Shaitan is a 2024 Indian supernatural horror film directed by Vikas Bahl and produced by Devgn Films, Geo Studios, and Panorama Studios. The film stars Ajay Devgn, R.K. Music was composed by Amit Trivedi, cinematography and editing by Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti and Sandeep Francis.

The film was officially announced in May 2023 and the title was confirmed in January Principal photography began in June 2023 and ended in September 2023. It has been exhibited in India and London.

The theatrical performance of Shaitaan took place on March 8, 2024, to coincide with Mahashivratri. It received mostly positive reviews from critics, praising the performances and the script. It was a commercial success, becoming the fifth highest-grossing Indian film of 2024, grossing over ₹157 crore worldwide.

plot -

Kabir, a chartered accountant, lives a happy life in Dehradun with his wife Jyoti, and children Jhanvi and Dhruv. They’re planning a weekend getaway to their farmhouse in a remote mountain town to spend quality time together. On the way, they stop for lunch at a roadside restaurant and meet a man named Van Raja, who offers to pay for their tea and gives Jhanvi laddu, which he brings to his table. After eating this, Jhanvi feels something strange inside and feels the urge to obey everything the king of the forest says. Before they leave, the king of the jungle secretly gives Jhanvi a packet of cookies and instructs her to eat them after reaching the field.

As per his orders, Janhvi reached the ground, ate the cookies, and went to the pool with her family. After a while, the king of the jungle arrives at the farm and tells him that his phone battery is dead and asks for permission to stay there for a while to charge the phone. He says he will leave as soon as the phone battery is full. Kabir convinces her to stay, though Jyoti is skeptical, wondering how she knew the location of their farmhouse. When Dhruv asks Jhanvi to play with him, the king of the forest instructs him to scare him. Jhanvi gets on the swing with Dhruv and swings fast, which scares Dhruv. Kabir and Jyoti intimidate Dhruv and beat Jhanvi.

During dinner, Vanraj intrudes heavily into their private discussions, which angers Kabir, who tells Vanraj that he has to leave now. When the king of the jungle refuses to go, Kabir starts dragging him away. Vanraj instructs Jhanvi to stop Kabir and she immediately pushes Kabir and shouts at him saying that Vanraj is not going anywhere. Everyone is confused by Jhanvi’s strange behavior and asks the king of the jungle what he has done to her. The King of the Jungle explains that he hypnotized Jhanvi using black magic and now she is under his control obeying his every command. Also, Vanraj says that he will take Jhanvi with him forever.

At Vanraj's request, Jhanvi cries laughing, breaks her parents' mobiles, eats raw tea leaves, slaps her father, and hits her brother on the head with a tree. Shortly thereafter, the police come to the house and say that someone has called to say that we are in danger. Jyoti had secretly called the police from another mobile without informing Vanraj. Kabir and Jyoti are unable to seek help from the police as Vanraj has ordered Jhanvi to stay in the kitchen and blow up the gas canister if anyone tries to tell the truth to the police. He lies to the police that his son called the police in jest, that he is asleep in his room, but in reality, the king of the jungle ordered him to hide in the bedroom after he was injured in the forehead. Police left the home without any suspicious activity.

Kabir offers the king of the jungle a lot of money and asks Jhanvi to sacrifice his life. The King of the Jungle accepts the offer and takes the money with him. But Kabir and Jyoti realize that Jhanvi has not returned to her normal form and is still under the control of the king of the jungle. They run to summon the king of the jungle and find him standing at the front door after burning all the money Kabir gave him. He then enters the house and repeatedly orders Jhanvi to kill him. He then orders her to dance repeatedly to the music, which tires her out. Jyoti tries to comfort him and the king of the jungle orders him to cut his throat with a knife, which stops Jyoti. Losing control of her body, Jhanvi inadvertently pees on her pants. Jyoti asks Vanraj to let her wear new pants, which he allows.

Then the king of the jungle fell asleep and ordered Jhanvi to stab anyone who came near her. Kabir and Jyoti manage to snatch the knife from Jhanvi and attack Van Raja. When they threaten to kill him, the king of the jungle orders Jhanvi to laugh and tells her that if they kill him, Jhanvi will laugh uncontrollably until she dies. Upon realizing this she left him. Then Dhruv's king orders Jhanvi to kill Dhruv. When Kabir tries to stop her, Jenvi stabs him in the hand. She goes after Dhruv and throws him off the roof, seriously injuring him. Jangalraj then takes Jhanvi with him and Jyoti takes Dhruv to the hospital, just then Kabir approaches Jangalraj and agrees to save Jhanvi. It is revealed that during the war, Kabir had secretly installed a tracker on Van Raja's cell phone, which would help locate Kabir. The King of the Jungle takes Jhanvi through the dense forest to his secret base, where he also has many other girls under his control.

The King of the Jungle burns them all himself, in a giant funeral rite, ready to be sacrificed as part of the ritual. Kabir reaches there defeats the jungle king and attacks him. He then cuts Vanraj's tongue and puts it in the fire, when all the girls try to attack Kabir, he plays an audio of Vanraj's voice, which he has secretly recorded, in which Vanraj The second voice is seen speaking the phrase "May I be free". , in context. Hearing this, all the girls including Jhanvi are freed from the clutches of the jungle king and return to their normal forms. The entire family has been admitted to the hospital where they are recovering from their injuries.

The police thank Kabir for his bravery, which helps save the lives of many girls. They also tell Kabir that the king of the jungle is missing and they are searching for him. A year later, Kabir comes to a deserted place where he secretly ties Raja in the forest and tells him to eat only dead rats. Kabir tells Vanraj that he doesn't know how far a father can go to protect his family. Hearing the shout of the king of the jungle, Kabir goes away from there.

Cast -

Ajay Devgn as Kabir Rishi
and as the forest king Kashyapa. Madhavan
Jyotika is the wife of Kabir in the form of Jyotirishi
Janaki Bodiwala Jhanvi, daughter of Kabir and Jyoti
Angad Raj as Dhruv, son of Kabir Jyoti.

production -

It is a remake of the Gujarati horror film Vaash (2023) and was announced in May 2023, while the title Shaitan was announced through a teaser in January 2024. Jyotika, Angad Raj, and Janaki Bodiwala along with Ajay Devgn and R.K. Madhavan were chosen for the lead roles; The latter reprised his role from the original film. The film marked the first time Madhavan and Jyothika collaborated after 2003's Priyamana Thozhi. The film also marks Jyothik's return to Bollywood after 24 years.

The film was shot in London, Mumbai, and Mussoorie and was shot from June 2023 to September 2023.

Lyrics Music -

No.           Titlesingerslength
1."Khushiyaan Bator Lo" Jubin Nautiyal 3:32
2."Aisa Main Shaitaan"  Raftaar 2:58
3."Shaitaan Theme" Siddharth Basrur2:16

The music of the film is composed by Amit Trivedi and the lyrics are penned by Kumar. His first single "Khushiyan Batar Lo" was released on 15 February 2024. His second single "Aisa I Shaitan" was released on 29 February 2024.

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History -

When the legend of the family is not a stranger in the house and the tire is the farm, the husband takes control of the mysterious teenage girl. Strange and deadly, he makes everything he orders fall. secretary or mistake keeps the stranger and one can survive this family and desperate his twisted games?

Review -

No good supernatural thriller often relies on no elements of horror and mystery peer no audience held no engagement. While it reduces the jump scares by providing an unsettling experience, it's a job well done. There is one aspect of Vikas Bahl's marital status that can be nailed to the devil.

The film features the family of Kabir (Ajay Devgn), his wife and friend Jyothi (Jyothika), teenage daughter Jhanvi (Janky Bodiwala), and brother Dhruv (Angadaraj). R Madhavan) was thrown into poverty. He gains no more control and mysterious intrigue than Jhanvi, so much so that she obeys his every command. The anxiety quickly turns to terror as the King and the Forest order me to be with and turn out and resist me for Xhanvi and her family members. The rest of the story reveals the mystery will be done and well the King and the Forest all, are motivated and the new family and his world to escape the torture is his.
Beauty and Shaitaan are two different kinds of creatures, neighbors of perversion and CGI. It often depends on her intentions and the bad game, which leaves you with an unstable feeling. Aamir Keyan Khan's release Krishnadev Yagnik is a historical and horror film. For touches on age-old paranormal debates against science and human ingenuity that species are because as basic as evil forces
The narrative is well paced and the treatment keeps the film entertaining for the most part, though it gets a bit boring in the second half. So it's not very exciting, it turns out it's disturbing. The story can be non-adjacent and unscanned elements reveal no point no rendezvous is plotted, the duke and the bear do not climax predictably. Cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanthi is behind the scenes and eerie atmosphere of the film, and features music by Amit Trivedi.
Madhavan is brilliant and believes in any work either bad or not minor or perfect. Ajay Devgn you gave a strong performance in a role and you helpless a woman, from your country. Jyotika is also a veterinarian. Janaki Bodiwala deserves credit for her performance and said that she is a crane and cloud with magic and crookedness. She laughs, cries, dances, and attacks on cue with immediate effect. Angadaraja is the best view in the world.
While Shaitaan's story is shocking, the masterful use of atmosphere and top-notch acting make this an unsettling experience.

#Shaitaan Movie Release  In Cinemas  8th March 2024

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0.81 crore on opening day.
3.41 crore in the opening weekend.
5.25 crore in the first weekend.
Lifetime collection 8.19 crores.

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As of 13 March 2024, Shaitan has earned ₹129.99 crore (US$16 million) in India, ₹27.22 crore (US$3.4 million) overseas and ₹157.21 crore (US$20 million) overall.

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Box Office Collection Shaitan: Ajay's film has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark worldwide and is the third highest-grossing Hindi film.