Prayagraj Smart City Nagar Nigam Project

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The prime aim of the Smart City project is to improve the lifestyle and surroundings of the people of Prayagraj.

From Heritage to High-Tech: The Evolution of Prayagraj Smart City Nagar Nigam

When it comes to Prayagraj Smart City Nagar Nigam, there are a lot of interesting facts to know. You should understand that Prayagraj is the former Uttar Pradesh city of Allahabad. It is considered one of Uttar Pradesh's legacy cities in terms of spiritual, cultural, and educational features. Prayagraj is also recognized as India's 16th most livable city.

Prayagraj was changing even before it was announced as a Smart City in September 2017. This is because April 2017 marked the beginning of Kumbh 2019 preparations. Read on to learn the evolution of Prayagraj Smart City:

Prayagraj Smart City Nagar Nigam preserves Heritage with the Paint My City Campaign

Everyone knows that India is well-known for its heritage.  Prayagraj is no exception. Being one of the 100s in the smart city project, Prayagraj never fails to preserve its heritage.

During the Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj Smart City launched the "Paint My City" campaign to improve the city's aesthetics.

This program included painting famous people, cultural icons, and mythological figures on vertical surfaces in high-traffic areas. The intention was to improve the city's appearance and make pilgrims and guests feel at home.

This campaign emphasized Prayagraj's culture and history, and it seems to have attracted a large number of tourists and locals.

Additionally, Preservation efforts for ancient sites such as the Sangam, the Fort in Allahabad, and Anand Bhavan show the height of Prayagraj smart City in preserving their heritage.

Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plant: A step towards greener future

By building a Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plant at the Baswar location, Prayagraj Smart City Limited has carried out an unprecedented project.

This creative facility can effectively manage and recycle solid waste in the city to create a variety of building materials.

They range from paver blocks to bricks and tiles. Prayagraj is laying the road for a cleaner and greener future by recycling waste materials. This initiative can be part of urban development and is a step towards a greener future.

Smart City Digital Library

In Prayagraj, Rambagh's Smart City Digital Library has one hundred computers with modern resources available for use. By offering a holistic environment for learning and demonstrating their skills, this project seeks to empower brilliant and smart youngsters. This digital library lets students and youngsters, regardless of their differences, drown in the ocean of educational resources. Also, this initiative promotes inclusivity in the secular nation.

Modern Control Room

Prayagraj developed the Modern Control Room (MCR) in response to changing community requirements and difficulties. It provides safe communication between emergency services, law enforcement, and relevant parties.

Surveillance cameras, traffic sensors, and GPS tracking devices provide data to a single dashboard on the MCR. Police may now monitor events in real-time and act quickly based on well-informed conclusions. Prayagraj's MCR helps maintain the safety and security of its citizens through improved coordination and data analysis.

Nirala Art Village

On the University of Allahabad campus, Prayagraj Smart City Limited has established the Nirala Art Village. This unique location strives to support artistic and cultural activities. It offers a space for holding events and exhibitions that highlight creativity.

The Nirala Art Village provides a place for artists and guests to gather to appreciate art and culture in Prayagraj because of its calm surroundings and lively vibe.


The city of Prayagraj has developed an Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) as part of the Smart Cities Mission. This center promotes citizen-centric governance by providing complete solutions to citizens' demands. Acting as a single point of contact for all city services, it improves responsiveness and efficiency. Prayagraj wants to enhance citizens' quality of life and strengthen governance through the ICCC.

Under Construction projects of Prayagraj Smart City 

      Building of India's biggest six-lane Ganges River bridge

      Kumbh Museum's establishment

      Constructing the biggest auditorium in the Smart City

      Adding six lanes to all highways

      Ropeway project implementation

      The development of smart ghats beside the Ganges and Yamuna rivers

      Improvements to the Yamuna River's riverfronts

      All electrical cables are to be installed underground.

      Building fourteen flyovers

      Expansion of airport facilities

      The Ganga Expressway

       Upgrading Prayagraj Raebareli 4 Lane Highway

       Prayagraj Junction Reconstruction Project

       Prayagraj Ring Road

      Project Sangam Corridor


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Wrapping It Up

Furthermore, everyone can now expect government services to be easily available. As mentioned above, the prime aim of the Smart City project is to improve the lifestyle and surroundings of the people of Prayagraj.