Facilities and Infrastructure at Saini Education Society Rohtak

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Saini Education Society in Rohtak has facilities and services that are designed to give children a supportive environment for all-around growth.

Saini Education Society Rohtak: A Society that Works on Social Upliftment Through Education

Considered one of the top societies in Haryana, Saini Education Society Rohtak is an organization that works on social improvement through education. The idea of spreading education to the sections that lack access to education is the aim of the Saini Education Society, which was conceived by the society's forefathers. 

As a result of the good cause, the Saini Education Society's legal body was established on December 18, 1950, 74 years ago, at Mohalla Chamanpura, Rohtak City, Haryana, with the very basic facilities of a Chaupal (community center). 

Saini Education Society runs many educational institutions, including Saini Co-education College, Institute Of Girls Education (B.Ed College), Saini Senior Secondary School, Saini Girls Senior Secondary School, Saini Public School Saini Girls High School and Saini High School.

History of Saini Education Society Rohtak

Mahashya Bharat Singh Saini pioneered the opening of a primary school, with Master Ghasi Ram ji serving as the founder teacher. Saini High School under, Saini Education Society Rohtak received temporary recognition in 1951 and permanent recognition in 1955, with Pandit Shubh Ram Ji as the first Headmaster. The school's student population grew to 1000 by 1964, leading to the expansion of facilities.

In 1966, Saini Kanya Primary School was established, later upgraded to a high school in 1971. In response to the need for a senior secondary school, one school was established in 1992, followed by Saini Public School in 1995.

Under Shri Baljeet Singh Saini's presidency from 1997 to 2005, new buildings were constructed for Saini High School and Saini Girls High School, and Saini Girls Senior Secondary School was established in 1997. Additional constructions, including a double-storeyed building in 2000 and the establishment of Saini Co-Education College in 2001, marked significant progress in the Saini Education Society.

Further developments were made under Shri Vijay Kumar Saini's presidency, including the establishment of the Saini Institute of Girls Education in 2007. Various expansions, such as additional rooms for schools and a science block for the college, contributed to the society's educational growth.

Facilities and Infrastructure at Saini Education Society Rohtak

Saini Education Society in Rohtak, through its various educational institutions, offers better facilities and services that are designed to give children a supportive environment for all-around growth. 

· Residential Accommodation

The hostel facilities at Saini Education Society Rohtak are excellent with well-furnished single-seated rooms. The sophisticated and well-developed hostel infrastructure gets special mention for its auditorium, which is regarded as the best in the northern region. 

· Sports Facilities

Recognizing the role that sports play in the overall development of students, Saini Education Society Rohtak offers a wide range of sports facilities in its educational institutions. Apart from providing free boarding, lodging, and sporting equipment, the society grants scholarships for various sports. Students get recognition at the state, national, and worldwide levels as an outcome of the hard work and dedication of a committed sports faculty.

· Resources from the Library

The libraries in the institutions run by Saini Educational Society is an absolute treasure trove of information, filled with a wide range of books addressing the curriculum and other subjects of interest. By subscribing to national and international publications, journals, and newspapers, it encourages teachers and students to read for pleasure and knowledge. To accommodate its users' changing educational needs, the library is always updating and improving its collection. 

· Placement Services

The institution's Training and Placement Cell is important in ensuring that students are ready for success in the workplace. It gives students an opportunity to establish their professional goals by arranging relevant seminars and training courses on technical and managerial topics. The placement cell actively facilitates campus placements, demonstrating a commitment to students' career advancement.

· Cafe/Mess Facility

On-site, the institute has a cafeteria that serves a selection of fast food, snacks, and lunch options to meet the dietary demands of students. 

· Medical Facilities

By providing on-campus first-aid facilities, Saini Education Society Rohtak prioritizes the health of its students. To guarantee quick medical assistance in case of emergencies, the institution also keeps close relationships with nearby hospitals and nursing homes. 

Final thoughts

The Saini Education Society Rohtak Haryana provides a supportive atmosphere that helps in both academic achievement and overall growth with its better infrastructure and amenities. As the society believes in uplifting society through education, it places high value on the success and well-being of its students.