St Antony Church In Alandur Mass Timings

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Let the church serve as a haven that leads you to a happy and meaningful life.

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Table of Contents

    Exploring st antony church alandur mass timings and facts

    You may need some hope in your life to get yourself going. For that, all you have to do is find the proper st antony church alandur mass timings to immerse yourself in the world of religion. When you are with the believers, you will gain hope and confidence to lead your blessed life positively. Moreover, praying often or daily will purify your soul so that your bundle of thoughts becomes fresh and active. Continue reading to learn a lot about st antony church alandur mass timings and a lot:

    Learn the st antony church alandur mass timings

    On Sundays:

    Tamil Mass will happen at 6 AM

    Tamil Mass will happen at 7.30 AM

    English Mass will occur at 9.15 AM

    English Mass will occur at 6.00 PM.

    On weekdays (Mon-Sat):

    Parish Mass in English at 6.30 AM

    Mass for devotees in Tamil at 1.20 PM

    Parish Mass in Tamil at 6 PM ( Only on Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, and Saturday)

    Parish Mass in English at 6 PM ( Wednesday and Sunday)


    Tamil Mass will happen at 6 AM

    English Mass will occur at 6.50 AM

    Tamil Mass will happen on 1st tuesday only at 10 AM.

    Adoration at 10 AM

    Tamil Mass at 12.15 PM

    Adoration is only on Tuesday at 3 PM.

    Mass and Adoration in Tamil at 6 PM

    Novena Dasy: our lady of perpetual succor (Only evening Masses)

    Novena Mass in English will happen on wednesdays at 5.50 PM.

    Novena Mass in Tamil will happen on Saturdays at 5.50 PM.

    Please note that there will be no noon mass’s on saturdays, sundays and government holidays.

    Why should you go to church regularly?

    It Establishes a Bond with God

    One of the many great advantages of frequent church attendance is the chance to establish a relationship with God. It may seem apparent, but being able to interact with and become closer to God physically is unique.

    When you walk into a house of worship, you are immediately lifted to a level where you seek to comprehend what He is saying and open yourself to Him. The act of entering the building itself draws you closer. And God provides you with His good gifts of love and forgiveness when interacting with Him.

    The church connects you with society

    Church attendance additionally encourages social connections, which is a more incidental advantage. This is especially true if you recently relocated to a new town or even simply a new area. Most churches provide a range of social events, organizations, groups, and opportunities for connection every week, and churchgoers are generally quite friendly. This is the right area to meet people if you need help making friends.

    It Assists You in Discovering More Meaning in Your Life

    There may be times in your life when you ask yourself, What's the point in living in the depths of sorrow. There are dark moments in the world. Furthermore, it's simple to lose sight of the bigger picture and purpose while you are experiencing sadness, anxiety, despair, or irritation. You may feel distant from God and alone. This is not a cause for shame; it happens.

    However, attending church gives you a stronger sense of meaning and purpose. You can see not just the path that brought you to this moment in history but also the promise that awaits you beyond this world. Regular church attendance can encourage you to maintain your faith and help you stay on course.

    You Can Feel Calm

    You experience life's routines and daily bustle week after week. Church is an excellent place to find calm if you're longing for it. When you go to church, you experience a place of worship and peace. You can more easily return to this tranquil state if you regularly attend church. It provides a place to worship and a break from the daily grind.

    Spiritual Strengthening

    Your ability to worship improves when you consistently attend church. It teaches you to put less emphasis on yourself and more on God. Your spiritual needs are met by the Lord when you attend mass. You get stronger spiritually and in your faith as a result of this growth.

    The bottom line

    Go to mass at St. Antony Church Alandur to spark hope. There, you can find purpose and a relationship with God. Connect with others and embrace the community. Feel at ease and secure in the middle of the chaos of life. Let the church serve as a haven that leads you to a happy and meaningful life.