Sunil Shetty Net Worth And His Biography

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Sunil Shetty, a well-known actor, businessman, and producer, holds a net worth of 125 Crore Indian Rupees.

Sunil Shetty net worth: A brief overview

Sunil Shetty is a top-class actor, businessman, and producer. Sunil Shetty's net worth is 125 Crore Indian Rupees. He was born on 11 August 1961 in Mulki, Karnataka, India. Even today, Sunil Shetty holds his glamour and charm, which makes it difficult for youngsters to cope with him.  He was one of the top actors of the '90s, and he has done lots of super hit movies.  During his 30 years of career, he has made more than 100 movies. Also, he is a fitness icon for many youngsters. 


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Personal Life

He is married to Mana Shetty and has two children, Athiya Shetty, a daughter, and Ahan Shetty, a son. Both Athiya and Ahan debuted in the acting world. Athiya's debut in Hero in the year 2015, while Ahan's was in Sajid Nadiadwala's Tadap in the year 2021, a Hindi adaptation of the Telugu film RX 100. Mana is recognized as the founder of an NGO dedicated to assisting underprivileged children. 


Sunil Shetty started his acting journey in 1992 with his debut in the movie "Balwaan". Since then, he has immersed himself in various roles in different films, earning recognition for his outstanding performance.  Notably, he has exhibited his versatility in multiple roles in acclaimed movies like "Hera Pheri," "Phir Hera Pheri," and "Dhadkan," gathering praise and admiration from audiences alike. During the 1990s, his focus primarily revolved around action films, where he predominantly portrayed the leading male characters. Transitioning into the early 2000s, his roles have predominantly been within ensemble casts spanning different genres.


In 2005, during Rajiv Gandhi's 61st birthday celebration, Suniel Shetty was honoured with the Rajiv Gandhi Award by the Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress. His portrayal as the Best Villain in "Dhadkan" earned him the Filmfare Award in 2001. Shetty was also awarded the Best Actor Award at the South Asian International Film Festival in 2009. He was awarded for his performance in the screenplay of the Indian film "Red Alert," depicting the Naxalites.

Other Work of Sunil Shetty

Fittr App

In 2019, Sunil Shetty invested an unknown sum in Fittr, an online health and fitness startup based in Pune. Jitendra Chouksey founded Fittr in January 2016 as a Facebook group to address challenges in the fitness industry. Fittr now has a thriving community of 550,000 members and has facilitated over 100,000 fitness transformations. The Fittr mobile app net worth of sunil shetty.

Small Screen

Shetty has hosted India's top-rated fitness reality shows, such as "India's Asli Champion" & on TV and "Biggest Loser Jeetega" on Sahara One


In Mumbai, the actor owns Mischief Dining Bar and Club H2O, both currently in operation. He also has a stake in the water adventure park connected with Cafe H2O. In 2010, he closed Mischief Bar and opened a new establishment called Little Italy. Initially, Sunil's father owned the restaurant when it functioned as a Udipi restaurant. Later, with his father's approval, Sunil converted it into a bar and then reverted it to a restaurant under a new name.

Celebrity Cricket League

Sunil Shetty leads the Mumbai Heroes team in the Celebrity Cricket League. He is also one of the co-founders of the Ferit Cricket Bash. This was debuted in December 2018.

Golden Film Award

Sunil Shetty was a Special Guest at the Golden Film Awards in Sri Lanka in 2014 and 2016.  Sunil Shetty net worth in rupees is about 125 crore Indian Rupees.

Furniture Line

In 2013, Sunil Shetty and his wife Mana launched a high-end furniture and home living business in Mumbai's Worli district.

Net Worth and Business Ventures

As of 2023, Sunil Shetty's net worth is $15 million, equivalent to 125 Crore Indian Rupees. Apart from his successful acting career, he has ventured into various business enterprises, owning multiple shops and restaurants. Despite scaling back his presence in the film industry, Sunil Shetty continues to generate an annual income of approximately Rs 24 crore.

One of his notable business ventures is his production company, Popcorn Entertainment. He also invests in bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels in various Indian cities, including Udupi in Karnataka. Furthermore, Sunil Shetty has a strong interest in automobiles and maintains an impressive collection, which includes vehicles like the Toyota Prado, Land Cruiser, and Jeep Wrangler.


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Summing up

Sunil Shetty, a well-known actor, businessman, and producer, holds a net worth of 125 Crore Indian Rupees. With various interests ranging from sports to furniture, Sunil Shetty stands as an example of success and versatility in the entertainment industry.